Sea Side Stories

By Dave

The Major Players

Schmedly Doogle: Narrator, chronicler, tide-pooler, man-about-town, owner of Goober the Wonder Dog, instigator of mischief, friend to all.

Goober: The Wonder Dog, Porsche-chaser, companion to Schmedly on all sorts of adventures.

Darnell Bunlap: Fisherman deluxe, still looking for The Big One, lives in a castle of his own design, possessor of the most unique bathtub in existence

Paduca and Gore Finster: Wears newspaper clothing (Gore), prepares totally unpalatable meals (Paddy), live behind the biggest redwood door in the state (both), sweet, but inept, chef (Paddy), Vietnam war hero (Gore).

Conkwright: Canine companion to Gore and Paduca, Goober’s buddy and occasional irritant.

Burleigh Grimes: Hates insects, likes jazz, loves avian life, inspiration for The Running of the Idiots.

Wahlneck: casually elegant Queen of Cookies, drives a most archaic automobile, volunteer extraordinaire, amateur thespian.

Samuel (Hamilton Pluck): Hamster Man, inventor, facilitator, coffee hound, lover of comedy, lifestyle blogger, connoisseur of life.

Amethyst Whitlamore: The Sea Vegetable Lady, lives on the beach, weeps a lot.

Tom Fast: retired Canadian train engineer / software designer, moves very slowly, has a model train set unlike any other, blows the alphorn.

Polly and Dana: friends since college, design and build found-wood furniture and sculpture, clever (Dana) and irascible (Polly).

Diego Montoya: Keeper of Wisdom, philosopher, conversant in multiple languages, pogo sticks around town, Schmedly’s best non-canine friend.

Kite Muncy, Turtle Herder: retired Nebraska farmer, keeps a turn of turtles, herds them, resident bard, croquet aficionado.

Oscar Prosser: laundromat owner, mysterious background, socially awkward in the extreme, blurts out his signature line when under pressure.

Bat and Tallulah Mattowski: transplanted Manhattanites, live in a concrete and glass mansion, loves their helicopter, their college lacrosse, and their solar panels (Bat), and their cello, their baubles, and their electric vehicle (Tallulah), kind and generous (both).

Reverend McGarrett: named ‘Sleeve’ by his father who loved Hawaii, 5-0, dedicated servant of God and the community, loves singing and tide pools (sometimes together), delivers unusual tag lines in sermons, music devotee, animal lover, community counselor.

Phanny Phoxglove: Keeper of the Café, mysterious past, endurance athlete par excellence, quick-witted, pal of the community (especially Schmedly).

Jahona Deschenie: The Lighthouse Babe, hard-working lighthouse keeper, highly intelligent, well-traveled, very close with Diego.